digital & art illustration to define your brand

We’ll make your brand a sock-it-to-‘em visual experience, wherever it travels. Using made-to-measure illustration magic we’ll craft and create an image that’s totally you-nique.

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When it comes to all things illustrated, we’ve got this!

Our custom-made 3Men² goodness will delight your audience, from dreamy hand-drawn art all the way to hyper-real architectural visualisation and digital CGI property walk-throughs. And it all starts with you.

Infographics & icons

Turning complexity into clarity

Pack more than a punch with original, super clever infographics and icons that stand out in a world that’s a little bit icon mad. We turn your raw data into gorgeous, easy-to-understand infographics. Knowledge should be elegant as well as powerful, so we’ll infuse your infographics a double shot of both. Icons make the world go round and we’ll create your own branded suite that’ll echo your image around the globe and back. But we don’t stop there. We digitally draw icons that define and crystallise meaning into that perfect form.

3D, CGI modelling & rendering

Bringing imagination to life

When things don’t or can’t yet exist, we bring imagination to life in glorious 3D to realise your vision. Using our high-end 3D CAD software and 4D brain power we’ll turn your ideas, packaging plans and engineering or architectural models into pixel reality.

Architectural illustration

See into the future

We infuse life and art into your ideas and designs. If you’re an architect, developer or designer looking to communicate your thinking powerfully and elegantly, we’ll bring depth, realism and artistry to your vision using the technique that’s right for your audience. We’ll illustrate the scale and style of your exteriors and interiors, and clearly envision what doesn’t yet exist.

Location maps

Location, location, location

Make yourself easy to find and recognise with our custom location map design. We kick information overload overboard to create beautifully simple and simply beautiful maps with you at the centre of your space, in your brand style, both online and offline. Need a dynamic, interactive map for your website or a super-massive statement on a wall? Can do.

Environments & exhibitions

Interactions with impact

If you’re going to make an exhibition of yourself, make an impact. We create beautifully branded, visually stunning environments, exhibition stands and banners that give your brand the presence it deserves. But, above all, we create experiences - experiences at every interaction, in every detail, to give your audience something to remember, for all the right reasons.

Technical illustration

Vision with precision

When accuracy is everything and you need illustration that’s on point, we’re masters of the art of maths. Whether it’s floor plans, cutaways or medical diagrams, we’ll deliver technical excellence and visual brilliance.

Digital illustration

Painting with pixels

Attention is a scarce resource. But we’ll help you grab it all (and then some) with eye-popping digital illustration. We’ll bring your story to life, capture your unique style and captivate your audience. All freshly clicked and delivered by our super-skilled digital illustrators.

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