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The SmithCorp visual identity was weak, undefined and dated.

Smithcorp are a leading education recruitment group of six companies headquartered in Bristol. Their challenge for us was an interesting one…

How do you maintain the DNA of your business as you transition from fledgling to fully grown?

Our Approach

Understand the essence of SmithCorp and it’s culture environment through online surveys and face-to-face meetings with a cross section of it’s people...

The key results of our research:

  • A people focused business with a meritocratic approach
  • A culture of high performance and fun supported by shared values and support
  • A unique way of working in a fiercely competitive industry
  • Specialist tailored service

SmithCorp Brand Strategy

Objective: Boost new talent recruitment and corporate engagement to ensure the continued success and progression of the brand.

Process: Reposition the SmithCorp brand within the recruitment industry and unify the marketing and communications within the group:

  • Define the brand purpose and position
  • Design a strong visual identity
  • Inspire employee engagement and investment in the brand
  • Create a sustainable, cross platform marketing campaign

Brand Activation

We began by distilling our research to define and articulate the SmithCorp brand purpose and position – recruitment built on people, passion and progress.

Next we created a unique, flexible and dynamic visual identity with a comprehensive guide to help everyone understand and embrace their new brandscape.

Logo development concepts

Visual Language Development

We shot an extensive library of images featuring people from all levels of the company. This process has served not only as a vibrant resource for our design but also a fantastic bonding exercise for their employees, which we hope will enable them to feel real ownership of the brand.

A bold, fresh new group website and cross platform marketing campaign to attract bright new professionals to join their expanding team.

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