Reach for the Sky with
Aerial Photography

If you want to tell a beautiful story with a perspective like no other, aim high and go for aerial photography. Flying high, the professional aerial photographers at 3Men² are using aeroplane, helicopter and drone photography to create stunning, artistic imagery and capturing the unique view you only get when looking through a bird’s eye!





You haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen its shadow from the sky.

Amelia Earhart

Real life through a lens

Aerials are awesome – but you’ve got to have the skills behind the lens, the eye for the shot and the ability to put that into practice within a lot of difficult constraints and general red tape.

We’ve been flying high for years; working solo and in teams, shooting breathtaking footage of land and seascapes, on planes, single and twin engine helicopters, piloting drones and driving the entire process – and simply doing whatever it takes to get that perfect, powerful shot.

All this takes meticulous planning and coordination, robust photographic technologies and a real appreciation of the intricacies of getting creative in these environments.

Helicopter Photography

Working with highly experienced helicopter pilots we fly with remarkable speed, finesse and unbelievable versatility. This is the fastest, most resourceful use of the skies and, when it’s a multi location shoot or there are heavily populated environments to fly over and costs and time are at a premium, delivering the best shots for the best price relies on scrupulous planning and serious know-how. Compare the hours spent covering the ground in a helicopter with multi location days piloting a drone and it’s easy to see why these are so often the aircraft of choice.

This is exactly what it took to shoot an action-packed air to air video for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance (HIOWAA). That operation saw us inside the helicopter, positioned up close and personal with the pilot and aerial DOP the gimbals mounted external with the video camera recording according to our direction one minute and shooting stills the next to really get maximum value. The client was overwhelmed when a stunning portfolio of video and stills. All in a day’s work for the 3Men² aerial camera crew.

‘Loving London’ is a cool little promo video to highlight the deep understanding of the Capital that CBS outdoor has as leaders in outdoor London advertising.

This was part of a series of video sales pieces to show the essence of what London is - an insiders understanding, with a large part of it shot from the air.

Aeroplane Photography

There’s no substitute when it comes to inside knowledge and nowhere more so than in of an aeroplane for a professional photographer faced with sets of gimbals, a pitching and rolling set and a brief to capture the most breathtaking aerial footage possible.

3Men² have been tackling the dynamics of capturing aerial images in the most challenging of environments and for the most demanding of briefs.

Take our Oil Spill Response shoot. Our client commissioned us to record its crisis simulation of an emergency spill response so we worked inside the aircraft with their world class team for this high-octane operation. Our experience allowed us to seize the defining moments.

Drone Photography

Cinematography gets cool when a drone is in the mix. Amazing value, their size means they can get into spaces and areas that a manned aircraft just can’t reach and every drone photography commission will demand a specific drone with a camera payload that’s right for the budget and quality delivery required to get to the heart of the action. From inches off the ground to hundreds of feet in the air, our experienced team will capture incredible, continuous shots while panning, rotating and framing the subject with unbelievable clarity.

BNUC-S and BMFA certified

It’s pioneering technology that results in extraordinary full HD, 4K resolution footage with no compromise on quality. Our clients commission us to create impactful drone footage that gives a whole new perspective to a corporate message and a powerful insight to the calibre of a brand. Whatever your industry, our drones will cover it and capture it and have your clients reeling.

Photographic Library

We’ve built up years of outstanding professional Hampshire, Southampton, and London aerial video footage and photography from our aeroplane, helicopter and drone photography commissions. 3Men² has a wealth of superb stock content to help creatives and organisations generate inspiring, impactful projects at a fraction of the cost of a commissioned photographic shoot.

Talk to us about our library categories or just send us the brief
and we’ll give you the hand-picked shots to suit the strategy
and really make it fly.

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