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Coach in a Box set out to offer a new style of high quality coaching that was affordable and accessible to all.

Since then they have become one of the world’s largest coaching companies working with leaders in many of the world’s top organisations.

As long standing clients of ours we’ve collaborated with them on a wide range of materials. Right back at the start, one of the first things we worked with them on was their branding. Our aim was to create an identity that could stand the test of time, but this didn’t mean playing it safe. The outcome is a logo that always looks fresh, and a stapline that has become a company wide mantra as well as something that sums up their approach.

We’ve been tasked with a wide range of marketing materials for Coach in a Box over the years covering print, exhibition stands, info graphics as well as video. We have done loads of talking heads over the years but by far and away our favourites are these. Great location, multiple camera angles, integrated graphics and behind the scenes B-roll footage thrown in to give some context. We’re in our element creating this kind of content.

The Coach in a Box staff are vibrant, friendly and personable, so their staff photography needs to reflect just that. Our friendly in house photography team know how to create a relaxed environment that can get even the most camera shy employees to open up and in front of the camera.

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