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A ’nano’ brewery Located in the cultural heart of Budapest, Gravity Brewing are all about creating bold, experimental beers – and they needed a brand identity to reflect this.

In brewing, gravity refers the density of alcohol compared to that of water, but the name itself gave us the perfect opportunity to explore everything interplanetary – you could say it was an attractive prospect.

Taking bubbles and fermenter coils to create a stellar (not Stella) mark that leant itself perfectly to their glasses and bottle caps, beer mats and baseball caps.

Inspired by mashing vintage travel posters with intergalactic destinations, we worked alongside Toronto based husband and wife team Fabled Creative to create a naming convention and image for each beer that could be applied across Gravity Brewing’s signage and labelling.

This included a series of unique enamel fermenter signs that were designed to allow the brewers to regularly update the alcholol percentages and bitterness levels of the beers as they refined and tweaked their brews.

We even worked with blacksmith Ian Thackery to design and forge a unique bottle opener for the bar staff and crew at Neked Csak Dezső! Brewpub & Bistro, home of Gravity Brewing’s pilot brewery.

To help get this great brewery off the ground, we also designed a range of apparel that both doubled as uniforms for the brewers and bar staff, and created a merchandise opportunity for extra revenue.

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