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Holiday Lets

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Digital Design
Graphic Design

The challenge was to retain the branding of the existing parent company (an estate agent) because it adds local value, and at the same time make the website stand alone and compete with other holiday let offerings.

The Holiday Lets team pride themselves on a personal service - customers can talk to a friendly, local person ready to help - so it was important we get this across in the website design. Social media was also an important part of this project as another way for the business to reach out to their customers.

Iconography: custom graphics were created to illustrate specific property features, services and amenities - text in their software data feed changed to graphics, statistically the visitor being 8 times more likely to read images than words.

A sales brochure was created to explain the benefits of letting your property as a holiday home, along with information on the legal side of things and the various service options offered.

The website is fully integrated with the clients software system SuperControl removing the requirement for additional (repeat) data entry.

The website includes integration with Email Marketing platform Mailchimp - emails can be compiled in a custom CMS using properties and content chunks from the website and sent direct by the client.

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