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Inspired by a new wave of American styled craft beers, the Tap It Brewing Co have recently launched a new craft beer brewery based in Southampton. Our challenge was to create a brand that bridged the gap between the hardcore cask ale CAMRA crowd and the growing hipster set currently enjoying a boom in alternative and independent keg beers.

It was important for us that the brand had solid base and a clearly defined territory in what is rapidly becoming a crowded marketplace.

Taking the stateside influence as our starting point, we created an overarching visual language that combined American pop culture references, such as B-movies and hot rods, with a quintessential British sense of heritage and humour. Old comic books and vintage poster art inspired both the packaging and often beer names themselves.

From this we established a naming convention and visual cue for each beer that could be applied across the many many applications required, both traditional and digital, including labelling, promotional trade materials and website.

The brewhouse itself, Unit 6, also needed to reflect the brand and required signage both inside and out. This included a mural for the taproom bar area, illustrated to emulate the retro feel of the marketing material.

An identity was also created for the Tap It Brewing Co's first bar, The Taps, which will be opening in Southampton Autumn 2019.

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