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Salomon Case Study

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Vision Critical is a world leading customer intelligence software company that enables brands to connect, understand and engage with their customer base more effectively.

They came to 3Men² needing art direction and high-end video production for a case study for the renowned sports equipment and clothing brand - Salomon.

The 3Men² crew set sail for France with a van full of equipment (and pillows), full of excitement to work with this legendary sports brand.

The Brief: Vision Critical told us they want to celebrate the success that Salomon have experienced with their Insight Community by creating a video case study. They need this video to show the richness of the value the project delivers to Salomon’s business.

Additionally we were asked to produce two versions - one with the interview in English and one in French. Long days of filming ahead! Direct translation between languages is always tricky so we were happy to help on that front and learned a lot about the company strategy, their ongoing and always improving relationship with their client base and the key part Vision Critical plays in the process that we were able to incorporate into the final piece.

Headquarters: We spent a couple of days at Salomon’s incredible headquarters on the edge of Lake Annecy and had a chance to film in their offices and workshops, as well as a breathtaking outdoor session at the top of a mountain as the sun set!

The van full of equipment definitely came in handy!… On the other hand, climbing a mountain with 5 suitcases proved pretty challenging for both 3Men² and the Salomon gang.

Behind the Scenes: Check out the video log of our amazing 4 days in France!

Lake Annecy: We made it to the top!
Getting back down in the dark was to prove more of a challenge.

Salomon Factory: Whilst we were shooting the primary VC project we were also asked directly by Salomon’s marketing team if we could do a photo essay to highlight the skill and craftsmanship that goes into making a pair of ski. They wanted the images gritty and real so we decided on black and white with lots of atmosphere and they were very pleased with the end results!

“Thank you so much!

It is truly impressive, it’s exactly the craftsmanship spirit we were looking for. I understand now why Salomon chose you!

I love them!”

Jerome Baudin Salomon

“Simon, Krystian, and Paola from 3Men² you are really professional!!”

Emma Damo Vision Critical

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