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18 Years ago Jane Dyke, Yellow Dot's owner, read that 'if you have an icon to remember your dream, you are more likely to achieve it.' So she chose a Yellow Dot and put one on her credit card, diary, dashboard, mirror etc so that every time she saw the dot she would think of her dream - to open a Day Nursery…

The proof of how successful this has been is that after 18 years sterling service, we recently reviewed the logo, redrew it and updated the illustration to a torn paper style but the basic concept was still solid and very relevant, working just as hard as it has ever done.

...Now Yellow Dot are amongst Hampshire's top Nursery groups, with an impressive 12 locations! From the start, the aim was to provide an educationally stimulating environment where children are valued as individuals and encouraged to develop their potential.

The brief was to encapsulate that and work with the Yellow Dot name. We hit on the idea of using the yellow dot as a ‘visual’ metaphor to stimulate creativity e.g. A ‘yellow dot' moon, a ‘yellow dot' ball being caught by a dog or the ‘yellow dot' as the centre of a flower about to be landed on by a bee. These creative interpretations of the ‘dot' perfectly captured the imaginative and stimulating ethos the brand needed to convey.

We first engaged with Simon in 1997 when we were preparing to open our first and we had thought only Kindergarten! We had been advised to develop a ‘Brand’ and really loved the brand of 3Men, so decided to ask them to help us!

Simon more than met our expectation and developed a logo and images which we came to love and so did our families. From the beginning people thought we were ‘bigger than we were’ and probably still do! We were very attached to our logo and branding but were persuaded by Simon to have a refresh. This has been brilliant and really has refreshed us in many ways! We continue to use 3Men and are still delighted with their creativity and friendliness. This year we celebrate a 20 year relationship with them and we are still in love with our branding!

Jane Dyke - Yellow Dot

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