digital photography for maximum wow power

Our photography paints more than a thousand words and we can capture your ideal images in more than a thousand ways – from stunning studio portraits all the way up to dazzling aerial shots or spectacular how-did-they-do-that virtual tours.

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We’re experts at expressing you-niqueness through beautifully authentic imagery, and we're blessed with the talents of one of the finest photographers around who creates magic with their lens – and then even more magic in post-production.

With our full service capabilities we plan, manage and shoot spectacular stills photography for brochures, websites, art prints and beyond. So, let’s make your marketing imagery more than marvellous…

Corporate photography

The right image for your culture

Your corporate images set the tone and expectation for your brand and how your clients, competitors and investors see you. We’ll ask the right questions to understand your organisational culture and the nuances you need to project, and our photography will capture it quickly and effectively.

Staff / team photography

Say cheese!

There’s no need to dread the formal staff photo anymore. Our photographers don’t just have the creative and technical skills to produce the perfect team photo. They also have those magical interpersonal skills that put people at their ease and at their best. The result? Your brochures, websites and articles decorated with positive, confident images that the people in them can be proud of.

Location & event photography

Atmosphere with attitude

Need to shoot every ounce of atmosphere at your special event or location? We’ve got this. From large-scale national corporate or charity events to smaller, more intimate occasions and off-site commercial shoots, we’ve the expertise, equipment and agility to capture amazing images without capturing attention.

Studio photography

Your place or ours?

Our super flexible setup, relentless ingenuity and curiosity mean we can create a photographic studio pretty much anywhere, taking full creative control when we need it most. Over the years we’ve shot clean cutouts of TukTuks in a grungy mechanics workshop and underwater product shots in the middle of an office.

Portrait photography

Be your best self

Despise Instagram? Don’t like your picture taken? Relax, because we’ll make you look your best self yet. Whether you’re looking for formal, classic portraiture or something contemporary, crazy and beyond, we’ll take every drop of your personality and capture it in pixels.

Aerial photography

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s us.

Come fly with us for awesome, artistic aerial images that take your unique story to new heights, with a perspective like no other. We’ve been flying high for years; shooting breathtaking images of land and seascapes, on planes, single and twin engine helicopters, piloting drones and driving the entire process – and simply doing whatever it takes to get that perfect, powerful shot!

Maritime photography

The power to sea things differently

We’re based in Southampton so it’s not surprising that the sea sings to our soul. So we’ve developed superb specialist maritime photography skills for truly awesome shots both above and below the waterline. We capture the passion and daring of live-action crewing, or the unknowable majesty of nature, or the high-tech, high-spec precision of seagoing vessels and everything in between.

Casting & models

It’s not about looks. It’s about character.

Relatability. It’s a word. You want your target audience to relate to the people they see in your brand imagery. So it’s important you get the people exactly right. We make that easy. We have access to hundreds of professional, reliable models and from these we can select the people who best exude your brand personality.

Lighting & set design

Another level of loveliness

With a wealth of experience and equipment we blend art, science and technology to create powerful settings for perfect photography. From watches frozen into solid ice to contrived car accidents; we create, build and light ideas and illusions into reality.

Post production & retouching

Making more than meets the eye

Every digital image has the potential to be deeper, better, weirder. With you, we explore this world through post-production and digital image manipulation. Whether it’s retouching a portrait to perfection or adding imperfection to a architectural CGI, we control the line between reality and imagination. The possibilities are endless…

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