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We believe that rock solid marketing requires more than just great design.

It’s about a fusion of 100% creativity, engaging digital experiences and clear business objectives.

It’s a dedication to producing inspiring brand identities with business strength.

And we call it 3Dimensional marketing.


Creativity is the chemical reaction that provides the energy for everything we do.

Our conviction is that great design cannot happen without creativity, passion and intelligence.


Tomorrow things will be different from the way they are today.

Accordingly we are constantly morphing, adapting, and looking for creative ways to create human centred digital experiences.


Bridging the gap between design and clear business objectives is vital to success.

It requires a bond of mutual trust and disclosure so that informed design decisions are made and real results are achieved.

Here's how we do it

It's more than just a pretty logo

Fundamentally brands are like people. They have values and morals, beliefs, likes and dislikes, favourite colours and pet hates. They even have faults and weaknesses just like people do. To build and maintain a successful brand, we believe that the traits and ambitions of your organisation need to be carefully considered and articulated. We explore, challenge and define these fundamental attributes with our clients and help them build emotional connections with their audiences.

Wherever and whenever your audience interact with your brand you need to make the right impression. These ‘touch points’ throughout their experience will provide the key emotional responses that determine their opinion of your brand. From your logo right down to the type of biscuits you serve when they come to see you.

What is marketing?

Well nowadays that's a very hard question to answer but the simplest one we have came from a client of ours, who said: "marketing is like a huge range of instruments and a good marketeer is the conductor who brings all the different sounds together to create beautiful music!"

We love this analogy and are always extremely happy to get together with you to talk in detail about your own requirements. We can offer you many years of skill and expertise, as well as extensive exposure to many sectors, approaches and types of marketing.

Turn that tune in your head into a massive hit!

Working together in perfect harmony

Digital design is exciting, fast-moving and important; designers and developers need to combine divergent and convergent thinking to problem solve and innovate. Both camps are much more similar than most people would believe:

“Good designers and good developers actually have a lot in common. It's not like we're Plumbers and Astrophysicists, we're all just making web stuff.”

At 3Men² we work in harmony towards a common objective. We don't have a 'them and us', 'tech/art' or a 'right/left brain', it's all about seamless collaboration so we can cut through the noise, technology and jargon whilst focusing on the main goal of getting it right for you! We don’t just jump in... We understand your market, listen to your business, and then plan.

Problem-solving through visual thinking

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving. Harry Beck’s map of the London Underground is a stellar example; functional, ethically pleasing, and minimal, a true design classic and a perfect example to illustrate that great design is not just pretty, at its best is practical too with the form often following the function it requires. We love trends, aesthetics and general Zeitgeist of the moment, but central to everything we do is ask the question does it perform the job it's meant to do for our clients.

Great photographs are created not taken

Industrial photography & video for business is about working at the cutting edge of digital imagery as well as investing in the very best equipment to sustain our reputation for creating stunning work to sell brands or enhance people, property and products.

We relish working with your people i.e. your staff, but realise this can be a little stressful for some of your team so we work hard to make sure they have fun and enjoy the experience as well as making them look fantastic. We're smart, sensible and experienced, we represent you and we don't forget that. Our reputation for thoughtful service and attention to the need of our clients has earned us enormous client loyalty and business relationships that have lasted for years.

So if you want people skills, organisation, props, locations and a great contacts book as well as a fancy camera call us.

Clip Art - no, you're in the wrong place

We have a long and very strong background in the art of commercial illustration. Simplified into two camps; CGI’s and Infographics. Architectural CGI’s we specialise in, for use in residential and commercial property marketing (and planning). We also work in 3D with our medical clients - CGI’s for things like dental implants to make them look super clean and clear. Infographics is a general term for a variety of bespoke illustration we create, most non-fictional... anything from mapping to icons.

As well as having great in-house illustration, we also have access to some of the most skilled and creative artists who we have worked with over the years (all of which are increasingly difficult to find these days, especially traditional skills... watercolour for instance!).

We use Illustration to help explain complicated ‘stuff’ in an engaging and visual way, tailored to your specific needs.

We’re proud to serve a diverse range of clients, from home-run startups to household names...

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