video & motion graphics to move your audience

If you need a whole lotta “Oh wow!”, “What the..” and *stunned silence* (in all the best ways) then grab a sparkly chunk of our full-service video and motion graphics production - uber-impactful, super-creative and always on point.

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You don’t just get our team’s dazzling array of technical and creative videography – with every project our results-focus and attention to what you want and need comes as standard. Go all the way from serious, hard-hitting documentaries to intimate interviews, sparkling video campaigns to immersive walk-throughs and cheekily fun animations.

Corporate & case study videos

Moving image that means business

Corporate video = zzzz? Nope. The only zzzz in our beautifully-shot corporate videos is the zzzz in pizazzzz. We’ll craft your story powerfully and magnetically, sending a strong, authentic message to the people you need to persuade.

Promo, conference & campaign videos

Boost your brand message

Promo, conference and campaign videos are the digital delivery mechanism that gets your brand straight to the heart of your customer. We’ll help you put together the brand stories that create a barnstormer of a buzz. Content, art direction, video and editing - it’s all included in the perfect package.

Documentaries & interviews

Authentic messages, beautifully shot

We produce intimate, humanly-authentic video interviews with people who we’ve put at ease to bring out their best. But that’s one style that’s strong on message. Gritty and cinematic may be your thing. No problem. Our creative direction and precise organisational skills will get you the results you need.

Explainer & walk-through videos

Step-by-step sensational

From storyboarding to soundtrack, we create cool, beautifully simple and cleverly animated explainer videos for anything that needs an explanation. And if you need to walk your audience through an inside space, outside space or even outer space, we’ll take them there in style.

Timelapse videos

The beauty of time travel

Timelapse is a breathtakingly fascinating style that has the potential to tell your story in a truly mesmerising way; travelling through time at warp speed the mundane becomes truly magical. Yes, it’s commonly used for construction (wow, is that how they build a bridge?) but we also use it to create fresh perspectives and stories of people, places and products.

Animated infographic videos

Say it with data

When data is the deal breaker you need your stats to be stunning and your graphs to grab attention. Our animated infographics blend art and science into beautiful and intelligent motion graphics that make your material easy to understand and hard to forget.

Filming, production & sound

From storyboard to screen and everything in between

Our flexible full production super powers make us the perfect partner to make your motion picture magic. Shooting with stacks of creative and technical skill on the trickest camera tech we’ll capture your unique angle in eye-popping ultra HD. Lights? Teleprompters? Rain machines? We’ve got all that covered too, but the secret to a truly awesome audio visual experience is how it sounds. The audio recording has to be super pro, and it just so happens we do that too.

Post production & editing

Moving image magic

With the raw audio visual ingredients in the can it’s time to get busy with colour grading, retouching, sound engineering and a bunch of other stuff which we can’t tell you about (otherwise we’d have to kill you!). We’ll supercharge your sound, va-va-voom your video and bring it all together with ninja editing that tells your story in the most wonderful way.

Motion graphics & animation

Not Mickey Mouse

We apply just more than a dash of flash to video, film and interactive media, through our sparkling animation and effects skills. Descriptive, Dynamic, transforming a complex explanations into a quick and concise bite-size piece that is true to your goals, our motion graphics and animation services will strengthen and uplift your message.

Aerial filming

Up, up and away!

Capture extraordinary birds-eye footage and dynamic panorama that bring to life views in a way nothing else can. Show just how close your building development actually is to the sea or just how much forest surrounds your beautiful hotel. We team up with qualified and approved drone and helicopter pilots to create exhilarating, high-voltage film that’ll electrify your audience.

Location management & propping

Need an Astronaut at short notice? No problem, as far as we’re concerned the sky’s the limit!

Yes, we’re known for our creative and technical skills, but you might not know that we’re also known for our specialist location knowledge. We find and secure just the right location and we make sure all the permits are in place - we keep you legal. And if you need a seven-foot python, we know a guy.

Casting & models

Need the right face in the right place? We’ve got the one that fits

Getting the actual humans that convert your business messages into a personality is rarely simple. The talent and voices we source are not (usually) of the supermodel variety. It’s a happy granny or an authoritative suit, maybe a guy with a spanner or little girl on a pony. The right man…. diver, midwife, female cage fighter, our little black book is what you need.

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